Unfair Trade Practices and Your Legal Recourse

tradeIn commerce and business, it is common to encounter deceptive or fraudulent behavior that results in financial loss. Consumers will often meet unscrupulous traders who will typically misrepresent and misstate the condition or quality of their goods or services. You are also likely to encounter unfair trade practices in the insurance world where pushy salespeople will fail to disclose the true extent of their insurance cover. Common examples of Unfair Trade Practices include:

• False Advertisement-where, a customer, gets inferior quality goods despite the seller having advertised products of superior condition or quality

• Fraudulent Misrepresentation of the terms- a seller may use technical and confusing terms designed to confuse the customer into agreeing into a sale that he wouldn’t ordinarily agree to

• Failure to Make Full Disclosure- An unscrupulous business person may withhold relevant information to goad you into making an ill-informed purchase.

Legal Intervention

However, the law is alive to this reality and has enacted several laws to deal with the issue. At a federal level, the Federal Trade Commission Act sets the standards for a fair business environment, explicitly outlawing any “unfair or deceptive” practices in the world of commerce. It should not be lost on you that with a competent attorney in your corner, you are likely to recoup your financial losses. To do so, you must have a valid claim before a court of law.

The Need for a Competent Attorney

Good Philadelphia PA employment lawyers will go through the details of your business transaction, reviewing all the documents in your possession to come up with a good claim before a court of law. Richard J Gerace Attorney at Law is a competent law firm to handle such matters. Based in Philadelphia, Richard J Gerace is a Philadelphia PA employment lawyer who has dealt with a significant number of such cases with success at the federal and state level. They will determine if indeed you have experienced any financial injury and if the deceptive practice meets the criteria of an Unfair Trade Practice. You must also prove that you could not have reasonably foreseen or anticipated the injurious harm occasioned to you. Typical areas you may encounter incidences of Unfair Trade Practice include:

• Tenancy Agreements

• Investment and Partnership Agreements

• Insurance Claims

• Online Purchases

Should you be the unwitting victim of fraudulent business practice, you should know that you are entitled to legal recourse. You may find that you are entitled to compensation with the competent backing of attorneys from the firm of Richard J Gerace Attorney at Law. Our Philadelphia PA employment lawyer has acquired more than 17 years of litigation experience at the state and federal level and are committed to restoring a level business playing field.