Securities Fraud Litigation in Federal and State Courts

security fraudA securities fraud conviction can result in you going to federal prison for years. You also could be fined thousands of dollars in fine and lose your professional licenses.

Rather than face this charge alone, you can fight it in court by retaining an experienced fraud litigation law firm in Philadelphia PA. You can start building your case today by contacting  Richard J Gerace Attorney at Law.

Building Your Defense

As the defendant, you bear the burden of countering the claims that the prosecution will levy against you in court. You must prove that you did not commit fraud and that you also did not have knowledge of the crime as it occurred.

To instill sufficient doubt in the jury’s mind, you need to hire an experienced defense attorney to defend you against charges of securities fraud. Your lawyer can provide evidence ranging from eyewitness statements to records from your office to show that you did not have a hand in what occurred and therefore cannot be convicted of the charges against you.

Arguing Down the Charges

If you did have a hand in the offense, you still may not merit years in jail and thousands of dollars in fine. Your lawyer can work to argue down the charges against you so that you walk away with minimal punishment.

He can show that you have no prior criminal record and have never before engaged in this kind of activity. With your lawyer’s help, you may receive a lighter sentence like community service or probation. You may avoid going to federal prison and serving out a lengthy sentence behind bars.

You do not have to face charges of securities fraud by yourself. You can instead build an effective defense to take to court and better your chances of wining. You can launch your case by retaining a lawyer from a fraud litigation law firm in Philadelphia PA. Contact Richard J Gerace Attorney at Law for details.