insurance premiums

Examples of Unfair Insurance Practices

If you pay your insurance premiums on time, your insurance company is required to quickly pay your claims and any damages that you suffered which are covered under the insurance policy. If the insurance company has not paid your claims or damages quickly, you should contact the Gerace Law Office and ask for Richard J […]

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business fraud

Unfair Trade Practice Examples

Most every state has Consumer Protection Laws and laws protecting consumers from Unfair Trade Practices. If you purchased a consumer product and the product was defective or the guarantee was ignored by the company, contact the Gerace Law Office and ask for Richard J Gerace. We have litigated numerous claims against major companies and banks […]

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insider trading attorneys

Insider Trading Is A Serious Charge That Deserves Serious Representation

The charge of insider trading is both a serious charge and one that is difficult to prove. The public likes to shout “insider trading!” whenever someone happens to make a highly profitable move in the stock market, but there is definitely a lot of grey area surrounding these laws. Richard J Gerace Attorney at Law […]

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