Unfair Trade Practice Examples

business fraudOur attorney at Richard J. Gerace Attorney at Law, Philadelphia PA employment attorney, is here to help you with cases involving unfair trade practices. Unfair trade practices, also known as unfair business practices and deceptive trade practices, are acts related to unethical, deceptive, or fraudulent methods to gain business. These acts can include false advertising, misrepresentation, false gift or free prize offers, noncompliance of manufacturing standards, tied selling and deceptive pricing. These practices are considered illegal and are outlined by the Federal Trade Commission Act (Section 5(a)) and the Consumer Protection Law. The consumer protection law allows consumers to file complaints and potentially be compensated or may file for punitive damages. The Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits the deceptive practices or acts that are related to commerce. This statute applies to all people that are engaged in banking or commerce and fixes a legal standard for practices of trade that are unfair, deceptive, or both unfair and deceptive. The following practices are deemed unfair by the Federal Trade Commission: It is likely or is able to cause substantial injury to consumers, it cannot be sensibly avoided by consumers, or it is not outweighed by compensatory benefits to the consumer


Unfair trade practices are generally seen in insurance settlements and claims, the purchase of services and goods by consumers, debt collection, and tenancy. The majority of states unfair trade practices were adopted in the 1960s and 1970s. After this time, other states followed suit and began enforcing these laws in order to prevent the practices related to unfair trade. Do you need help with an unfair trade practice case? Contact an attorney from Richard J. Gerace Attorney at Law. We are a Philadelphia PA employment attorney that may able to assist you in your case involving any type of unfair trade practices.